IDimager Personal Edition

Complete visualizer and digital image viewer


  • Organises photos very well
  • Optimises for uploading to the internet


  • Doesn't provide an account for uploading photos to net

Not bad

There are a myriad of programs out there to manage your photos but some seem to do the job better than others.

IDimager Personal Edition is designed for those who deal with a huge quantity of photos on a daily basis and need something ultra powerful and organised. Normally, I only use Picasa to organise my photos because it's simply well integrated with the internet for uploading photos. However, this program comes with all the tools and basic features you need to get yourself organised with your photos. It can import images from a digital camera, browse, organize, catalog, control versions, archive, edit, e-mail, print, find and make slide shows. However, what really impressed me was the ability to publish images to the internet which is not always common in such programs. I wouldn't say it was as well done as with Picasa because it doesn't link to any kind account but it does prepare you very well for uploading by optimising photos into more manageable resolutions for speedy uploads.

This won't really impress professionals but amateur photographers could find that it helps them organise their collection.

IDimager is imaging software that is complementary to your digital camera and image scanner.

Its many features are designed to make it easier to maintain that large number of photos that you and your camera will produce.



IDimager Personal Edition

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